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“Jenke Vineyards 2013 Review”

Posted by on Oct 30, 2013

“Jenke Vineyards 2013 Review”

Jenke Vineyards 2013

Article and photos by Danny Somerville

The 2013 Jenke Vineyards Classic was the final round for 2013 in the Barossa and did not fail to disappoint with some ball tearing action with some brilliant drives.

The event is dedicated to the senior drivers with the feature classes being the Clubman O40s and the TAG 125 cup.

As usual there was a truckload of wine up for grabs which is proudly sponsored by Kym Jenke from Jenke Vineyards a stones throw away from the track.

The action for the day started with the:


And out they came with the familiar sound of the bumblebee Comer engine to grace the track for the evening and the honors went to the prince of the Barossa Mickey Jones.

Jones won all four races for the day and looks like he might be one of the favorites for the SA state titles coming up shortly.

Jones put in fastest lap after fastest lap to secure a great victory for the Kustom Karts stable.

Second went to an impressive drive by Dominic Caminitti in the little black Omega kart who turned on the heat in all the races.

Caminitti drove like a pro to get the second step on the podium.

Third went to Amber Miller who pushed Caminitti all the way to score another great podium position and also looks like she is ready to take the next step to Rookies in 2014 and will be one to watch.

Connor Gowling and Aaron Oliver finished both 4th and 5th for the evening to have a great result.


Caminiti racing the Omega through the sweeper in the Cadets.

Clubman Heavy:

With Clancy Venables racing his last race in the valley he showed why he is almost unstoppable on the Barossa track with another straight sets victory 4 from 4.

Venables was again unstoppable and held off another great charge from the Omega karts driver Micha Montgomery.

Montgomery finished 2nd in every race to put on another great show and again drove 3 classes for the evening to keep himself busy.

3rd went to Vice President Danny Somerville who had his final race in the clubman before running 125 again next season.

4th went to Simon Granfield and 5th went to Troy Lymn.


Clancy Venables gets ready for his last race in the valley.


Again we saw the domination of another young diver Jacob Dowsen who also took 4 from 4 for the event with another stellar driving performance.

Dowsen drove the monkeys out of the Tony kart and showed why he is one of SAs brightest young talents.

Dowsen was unstoppable and held off the hard charging Jason Bowyer in the Omega kart.

Bowyer again had another brilliant drive and is now coming to grips with his J engine and will be one to watch in 2014 around the Barossa track.

3rd went to Omega driver Tyson Harvey who pushed hard and showed some brilliant speed to secure the 3rd step on the podium.

Harvey looked smooth all weekend and defiantly will be one to watch at the state titles in a fortnight.

4th went to Nikki Watson who drove another great meeting and 5th went to Jack Hutchins who one again shone for 2013.


Nikki Watson in action.


Liam Hannan flies around the Barossa track

040s Restricted 125:

A scary class scenario: older gentleman with superfast 125cc engines defiantly puts a smile on your dial.

It was the king of onions David Rinaldi who again showed his supreme driving ability to secure 3 from 4 for the meeting and take the top step once again.

Rinaldi seems to love the Barossa track and shows he has come a long way in a short time to win another round.

Rinaldi did have one issue for the event with a DNF in heat 2 but didn’t stop him from victory over Andrew Jericho who again went hard to 2nd position.

Jericho drove a brilliant weekend and was as consistent as ever to finish ahead of Simon Bond in the CRG.

Bondy again drove well and looks one to watch in 2014 and looked like he was having a blast all day on track.

4th went to the returning Kevin Ledwidge and 5th to the P plater Stephen Forrest who drove well. 

Junior Nation Light:

A great duel was had by 2 of the most exciting drivers in SA Josh Denton and Jordan Pianezzola.

Denton again took the chocolates with another flawless and consistent drive for the day.

Josh seemed to have the measure of Jordan and the rest of the field for the day and is a hot favorite for the SA titles.

Pianazzola again entertained the crowd with some super hard driving and was as consistent as ever with his lap times.

3rd went to Rylie Buik who again drove well all day and was the best of the rest.

4th went to Benny Delaney and 5th went to Dan McCarthy.

Clubman Light:

This class was all about the young star Hayden Miller who scored a great 4 from 4 for the meeting.

Miller blitzed the field and set fastest lap after fastest lap to secure an easy victory.

Miller drove like a pro all night and looks hard to beat in this class.

2nd place went to Josh Rust who made a great comeback to the valley and showed some great speed all day to finish ahead of Jake Burrows.

Burrows had a good night and was unlucky not to finish higher in the results due to a DNF in the final heat.

4th went to Micha Montgomery and 5th to Ben Kennewell.


Micha Montgomery Clubman Light.

TAG Restricted Heavy:

What a battle between the top 2 for the evening Mark Goode and Shaun Field.

The two went head to toe all day and finished the day drawn on points with Field taking the night with a win in race 4.

Goode was on target for the night winning heat 1 and 2 but Field came home strong to win heat 3 and 4.

This class was brilliant to watch with some of the best karting you will ever see.

3rd place went to Mark Rosser who drove brilliantly to finish on the podium for the day.

Rosser who is still on his Ps outdrove some of the seniors to show he has more to come when he places higher up the grid in QF.

4th went to Daniel Bowden and 5th to Gary Owen.


Mark Goode on his way to a strong 2nd Restricted Heavy

Junior National Heavy:

Who would win this class? Chuck a coin in the air and see where it lands.

The battle was on between Dylan Hannan and Jack Haveland.

Haveland won heat one and two with Hannan finishing just behind in second place in his last race as a junior, then Bethany Simpson stepped into the fray and took heat 3 and 4.

It came down to the last race for the day with all being sorted out with Hannan being punted out to drop to 3rd for the day.

Simpson finished 2nd and the win went to Haveland.

Haveland stayed out of trouble all day to drive a very mature drive.

Rylie Buik finished not far behind in 4th.

TAG Restricted Light:

With the biggest field for the day this class definatly didn’t disappoint.

A ding-dong battle was had by Ben Floyd and Micha Montgomery with both drivers trading wins with Floyd taking the honors for the Omega team.

Floyd has dominated the last few races in the valley and is moving to the open class for the state titles and looks like he is going to give it some large.

Montgomery had a great night with another trip to the podium.

The third step on the podium went to a great drive by Anthony Williams which gave the Omega camp a straight sets 1 2 3 in this class.

Williams has stepped up from clubman and looks well at home in the 125 as he did in the clubman.

Christopher Provan finished 4th and 5th went to Corey Sweet.

Clubman Super Heavy:

Mr President the magician John Ellis did his stuff again in the valley winning every heat to take the round win from hard pushing Omega driver Shane Cornish.

Ellis secured the club championship in this class and had another flawless day on track.

Cornish again kept big Johnny honest all night finishing 2nd in each race.

2014 might be the year for Cornish in the big boy class and looks to have great speed at the circuit.

3rd went to another P plater James Georgiou who held off the hard charging Spitwater driver Dale Provan followed by Rachel Ford.


The Ellis Machine ready for action Clubman Super Heavy.

TAG 125 Cup:

Unfortunately 2013 was a quiet year for this class with only 3 entries for the day.

Russel Provan drove a strong weekend to win 3 of the 4 races to take the cup for 2013.

Second went to Nick Larcombe who stepped into the 125 for the first time in the valley and showed great driving prowess to win heat one and finished second in 2 others.

Greg Perry finished 3rd for the night.

Jenke Classic Over 40s

The story was he wins again. Steven Blee took the honors for the 3rd time to take the wine and the winner’s trophy for 2013.

Blee was kept very honest and didn’t have it all his own way for the night with David Rinaldi coming home a strong second.

Blee did enough winning heat 2 and the final with Rinaldi taking race 3.

Blee will have to watch his back next year with the field pressing for the trophy in 2014.

Third went to a great drive by Greg Pfitzner who again showed how much he loves the valley track.

Ellis came home 4th and Henderson 5th for the day.


Rinaldi came close but was pipped by Blee in the Jenke.

Another great event in the Barossa with some great drives.

This brings our clubs season to a close with the club wanting to sincerely thank all the people involved in the club, the Committee, Volunteers, Canteen Staff, Officials, Drivers, Track Sponsors and everyone who attended our track in 2013.

Congratulations to all our 2013 club champions.

We look forward to another successful year in 2014 so organise your club membership to be part of the action..

Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays.