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GKCSA & BGKC Inter Club Challenge 2014

Posted by on Apr 8, 2014

GKCSA & BGKC Inter Club Challenge 2014

Well racers the cheap talk is over and now its on !!!!!!!!!!!!

The 2 clubs have been in discussions to put together an inter club challenge for the 2014 season and the looser has to put on a BBQ at there own track to host the winner and crown them the champs for 2014 and take the pain of defeat.

There have been 4 race meetings selected for 2014 challenge and these are as follows:

Barossa Night Titles, May 17

Barossa Night titles Sup Regs 2014 doc

States Shakedown, Monarto, July 6

River City Titles, Monarto, October 5

Barossa Jenke Classic, October 18

Heres the Rules:

  • All members from both clubs will be a part of the interclub challenge. Those that are members of both clubs, whatever is on cms as there club when entering will be the club there points are scored to. At the end of the last challenge, the numbers of entrants will be totaled, and the club with the extra will have the bottom scorers removed to have the same amount of competitors per club. The least travelled driver will be removed first, followed by the lowest point accumulated by an individual driver second, until entry numbers match.

  • Barossa selected dates are the; Night Titles 17th may & Jenke Classic 18th October. Monarto selected; States Shakedown July 6th & RCT October 5th.

  • Points system to be used is club championship style. 25 for the win 23 second 22 third and so on, basically club championship points system. Simply printing the results from the cms and giving points in order of finish. Example below. If we allocate points as per finishing order as below, points get awarded by drivers true performance.

    Southern Driver page1image10920 page1image1112025 Barossa Driver 23 Southern Driver page1image11768 page1image1196822 Barossa Driver 21 Monarto driver 20 Etc

  • Barossa will organize the trophy. Trophy will be presented at FSC Dinner as planned. Trophy will be on display at all rounds contested. Images will be placed on the website etc.

  • Possible Joker to be played, perhaps double points, at the last round if point’s gap is to far apart. The Joker can possibly go to the most travelled driver or drawn out of the hat on the day. Yet to be decided.


Get you entries in and support the BGKC for these events and dont let these hillbillies from the sticks take the championship as we all know BGKC has the best drivers and a real race track.