Club championship

If you look below you can see that a couple of the classes have some close results. It’s anyone’s guess as to who will be crowned Barossa Club Champion for 2019!

So if you’re one of the provisional Club Champions and your class needs to run on the 9th of November, start calling your fellow racers and get them to enter with you. If you’re currently running 2nd, and the current 1st place holder doesn’t run, you might just steal the win….But you won’t know if you don’t enter!!


** Classes that need to run at the November 9th meeting, with a minimum of 3 entries, to qualify and secure a Club Champion are……..

       – KA3 Senior Light

       – TAG 125 Light

       – 4SS Senior Medium 

Current provisional Club Championship results

Cadet 9 

1st Tyler Clarke 141 pts

Cadet 12

1st Anthony Capobianco 150 pts

2nd Joshua Elliston 136 pts

KA4 Junior Light 

1st Salvatore Imgrogno 45 pts 

2nd Brodie Sharp 44 pts

KA3 Senior Light

1st Nikki Watson 94 pts

TAG 125 RES Light

1st Bradley Vaughan 90 pts

2nd Simon Granfield 48 pts

TAG 125 Light

1st Johnny Twigden 94 pts

2nd Joshua Holmes 48 pts

4SS Senior Medium 

Currently no Barossa member has entered the 4SS Senior Medium class.